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Updates on the Resilience Workforce Grant

The Flood Mitigation Industry Association (FMIA), in collaboration with the International Association of Structural Movers and Smart Home America (FORTIFIED Roof system), along with our dry floodproofing product affiliates, is actively pursuing the NOAA "Climate Ready Workforce" grant. This initiative is part of our effort to establish the "Resilience Workforce Development Program - RWDP." Due to the escalating demands across our various resilience sectors and the upcoming extensive projects by the US Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) at the individual building level, there is a critical need to expand our workforce. This expansion requires a standardized approach to education and practical training, akin to methodologies seen in other sectors. It is important to note that the USACE is planning over 80,000 individual building level structural elevation and dry floodproofing projects in the upcoming years. Additionally, with the elevation of buildings, there is a necessity to retrofit roofs to adapt to higher wind zones. The deadline for the grant application is the second week of February, and we are collectively looking forward to the possibility of this grant being awarded.

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