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Late 2023 D.C. Trip with Chairman, Rod Scott

Updated: Feb 6

The Department of Commerce (DOC) is actively engaging in the development and implementation of new initiatives to support the flood mitigation industry. In 2022, the DOC entered into a multi-year collaboration with the Natural Disaster Expo, aiming to promote U.S. companies at various NDE events both domestically and internationally. This strategic partnership emerged from recognizing the Expo as a crucial global platform for U.S. enterprises specializing in flood-related products and services.

Last summer, the DOC released a Request for Information (RFI), the findings of which were shared at the "Climate Industries" roundtable in Washington, D.C., on November 17. I had the privilege of being part of this meeting, which brought together leaders from diverse sectors, including weather data, The International Codes Council, and the ASTM standards organization. Discussions focused on the significance of robust building codes and the forthcoming E-50 ASTM standard, which is set to evaluate natural hazards for commercial structures. Representatives from FM Global also participated, highlighting their testing and certification processes for industry-related products.

During this assembly, I advocated for enhanced support and marketing for U.S. flood mitigation products, addressing not only the Department of Commerce but also the White House and the Department of State. This is an exciting time for U.S. flood product and service providers, and we anticipate further updates from the U.S. Department of Commerce. Stay informed for upcoming developments in this sector.

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