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ASCE with Vice Chair, Tom Little

Our Vice Chair, Tom Little, is actively contributing to the critical work of the ASCE 24 Flood Resistant Design and Construction standard committee as a representative of FMIA. The committee is diligently reviewing proposed amendments and is on track to complete this review by May.


The objective is to reach a consensus on the upcoming version of the ASCE 24 standards by 2024, paving the way for their incorporation into the 2027 ICC I-Codes. This work represents a significant stride towards enhancing flood resilience across the country.

  • Key proposed changes of interest to our members include:

  • Broadening the definition of regulated flood zones to encompass the 500-year floodplain

  • Implementing higher protection height requirements based on building risk classification

  • Placing a stronger focus on the rigorous testing and certification of flood protection products

  • Instituting mandatory annual flood deployment drills to guarantee preparedness and effective response in flood events


These proposed modifications are a testament to FMIA's commitment to advancing industry standards and protecting our community's and infrastructure.

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