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Precipitation gauges and flood sensors are at the front end of the flood mitigation industry work. If a community or facility can get early warning for flooding it can better prepare the response. The United Nations has set a goal of all developing countries with early warning systems by 2050. The flood mitigation industry is at the center of that plan.

This early warning supports our industry of the perimeter flood fighting products and deployable building level defenses. The installation of both of those types of flood fighting and damage mitigation products requires advance notice in order for the safety of the human installers. Millions of flood prone sites and buildings in the US are going to require the installation of these systems and the services before the flood event and uninstallation of the products post flood. Flood resilient buildings and communities recover faster with less damages from flooding. 

This early warning sector of the flood mitigation industry is rapidly growing to meet the needs of communities and property owners.

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