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In alignment with FMIA’s passion to protect against devastation and long-term hardships caused by floods, FM Approvals partnered with the Association of State Floodplain Managers and the US Army Corps of Engineers to operate the Flood Mitigation Certification Program – a catalyst for the development of better flood-fighting and early warning products.

Backed by scientific research, FM Approvals objectively tests and certifies flood mitigation products for protection of commercial and industrial facilities. Testing and certification evaluates performance against different flooding conditions, measures resistance to common environmental concerns, and assesses component parts. FM Approvals tests to requirements outlined by ANSI/FM 2510 (American National Standard for Flood Mitigation Equipment), and FM 2505 (Examination Standard for Early Warning Flood Sensor Systems).

A product that bears the FM Approvals’ certification mark for ANSI/FM 2510 or FM 2505:

A product that bears the FM Approvals’ certification mark for
ANSI/FM 2510 or FM 2505:

Engineering_300x (1).png

Has Completed Laboratory Repeatable Testing


Meets or Exceeds
Rigorous Requirements

Legal (2).png

Is Subject to
Facility Audits

American National Standard for Flood Mitigation Equipment Products
evaluated to the requirements of ANSI/FM 2510 include:

Opening Barriers - Can be installed permanently, such as flood doors, automatic pop-up barriers, hinged or sliding gates; or be temporary installations such as flood logs, drop in panels, door/window covers, sidewalk grate covers, etc.

Perimeter Barriers - Intended to be temporary installations to either encircle a protected facility completely, or large portions thereof. 

Flood Mitigation Pumps - May be used as temporary or permanently installed protection from unwanted water entering a facility. Sump pumps and self-priming pumps are most commonly used in this application.

Flood Mitigation Valves - Permanently installed in facility drain lines to prevent flood water from entering a facility through reverse flow during flooding.

Flood Glazing - Permanently installed to allow building users to continue to enjoy the views while being protected against flooding.

Wall Penetration Seals - Permanently installed to seal unused holes, or the space around wires, cables, or pipes that pass-through building walls.

Early Warning Flood Sensors - Evaluated to the requirements of FM 2505. Combine sensor and communication technologies to provide early and reliable user-defined alerts, warnings, and alarms about conditions consistent with rising water levels to help at-risk businesses proactively initiate flood mitigation protocols.

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FM Approvals’ Certification Process For Manufacturers

If your organization manufactures flood mitigation or related products and are interested in certification, complete and submit an Application for New Products and review the FM Approvals’ Certification Process. FM Approvals will work with you to evaluate your product and determine if it is suitable to earn the FM Approvals certification mark.

If you are in search of certified flood mitigation equipment or early warning flood sensors, visit the Approval Guide for a complete listing of certified products. for a complete listing of certified products.

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