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FMIA was created by a group of individuals and entrepreneurs from the private sector who are passionate about protecting families from the devastation caused by floods. Countless communities across the country face long-term hardship as a result of their communities being over-developed, improperly designed, or under-mitigated. Steps can be taken to now ensure your home, business, and assets are protected before disaster strikes. That's where we come in.

Our mission comes in two parts. First, we aim to help homeowners and business owners understand the steps they can take now to protect their families and homes, lower their flood insurance rates, and save money in the long run. Second, we strive to educate policy makers, highlighting the need for spending and mitigation now, rather than focusing on recovery efforts after a storm hits. Mitigation now will protect communities and safeguard our infrastructure.

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Pre and post diaster flood protection actions

Flood insurance discounts for all flood mitigation efforts

Stronger flood design standards and codes and enhancements in the engineering practice

Grant funding and revolving loan programs

Encouraging communities to inventory high-risk buildings below the BFE

Using engineered flood protection products

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Policy Change
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