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FMIA has one goal; to be the driver of change by serving as the collective voice for flood mitigation. Through advocacy, education and support, FMIA strives to safeguard our country's homes, commercial buildings, and critical infrastructure. FMIA also aims to create jobs and help communities save money on recovery efforts. Floods are unavoidable, but we hope to help communities be better prepared to minimize the destruction and devastation caused by flood water.


To create more flood resilient communities by advocating for flood mitigation and policy change.


There are many types of mitigation techniques, but FMIA fully supports 3 major ones; Elevation, Dry Floodproofing and Wet Floodproofing


Help support our cause. 100% of your contribution goes towards our mission of creating more flood resilient communities.

The risk of flood is greatly increasing, with the severity and frequency of them increasing as well.  After a flood event, families are left facing years of recovery, relocation or even completely starting over.  Those who stay and rebuild sometimes face the same fate a short time later as annual floods are becoming more common.  What few people know is there are mitigation techniques you can take now to protect your home and help prevent major flood damage.  Why repeatedly pay for recovery when you can take steps now to avoid future destruction?  FMIA aims to highlight the need and options for this mitigation and help create more flood resilient communities.