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USACE Nonstructural Committee Meeting Training

Updated: Oct 18, 2023

We had the honor of attending the USACE Nonstructural mitigation training that took place in Norfolk, VA. For the third year in a row, FMIA was represented by Vice Chair, Tom Little, who led the training sessions on innovative flood protection technology and solutions that our membership provides to the industry. This week-long training that the USACE hosts was attended by over 30 USACE representatives from district offices all across the country. FMIA did a 90-minute classroom training session on the industry wet and dry floodproofing design standards, innovative engineered member products that are available today, and case studies showcasing building saves with our solutions. Members then followed up with a 60-minute hands on demonstration outside of their various flood protection solutions. FMIA is continuing to collaborate with the USACE nonstructural floodproofing committee to further expand our training at next years event. The relationship we have with this committee is critical as USACE nonstructural projects are funded. FMIA’s goal is that these projects are well run and our member’s engineered products and expertise are utilized.

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