Ensure Your Community Will Be Standing After a Flood By Updating Your Floodplain Ordinances

Now is the time to review your floodplain ordinances.  Each year, the number of devastating storms that cripple local economies grows, and the NFIP and Building Code standards that most communities are using are at, or below, the minimum standards needed to ensure resiliency from flooding.  


Here are a few of FMIA’s suggested ordinance enhancements to implement for a more resilient community: 

•    Regulate Shaded X Zones
•    Enforce a No Fill in the Floodplain requirement
•    Increase freeboard requirements
•    Require floodplain inspections at point of sale for homes
•    Non-Conversion agreements and flood vent affidavit  
•    Flood openings with fixed screens, grills, and louvers should not be acceptable to FMO as they clog with debris
•    Reference TB-1 2020 in flood opening sections 
•    Require owners to conduct annual flood drills and maintenance on dry floodproofing design
•    Reference TB- 3 2021 in dry floodproofing section
•    Use passive wet and/or dry floodproofing measures in flash flood areas 
•    Annual public outreach to educate the public on flood insurance and mitigation efforts 


Consumer flood risk awareness is growing, and residents are now demanding action.  You can take the time now to make real, effective changes to strengthen your community and keep pace with the growing focus on flood risk.  It doesn’t take billions of dollars in federal grants—it only takes transparency and the acknowledgement that we could all do better.