Do the Right Thing for Your Community – Floodplain Ordinance Updates to Consider


Each year, the number of devastating storms that cripple local economies is growing, and the standards our communities are built on simply are not enough to keep up.  Communities that take the initiative and place emphasis on floodplain management are rewarded with lower flood insurance costs for residents, more resilient homes and infrastructure, as well as quicker recovery times after a disaster.


Here are a few ordinance enhancement areas to consider to create a more resilient community:

  • Regulate Shaded X Zones

  • Enforce a No Fill in the Floodplain requirement

  • Increase freeboard requirements

  • Require floodplain inspections at point of sale for homes

  • Non-Conversion agreements and flood vent affidavit 

  • Flood openings with fixed screens, grills, and louvers are not acceptable to FMO as they clog with debris

  • Reference TB-1 2020 in flood opening sections

  • Owners conduct annual flood drills and maintenance on flood barriers

  • Reference TB- 3 2021 in dry floodproofing section

  • Use passive wet and/or dry floodproofing measures in flash flood areas

  • Annual public outreach to educate the public on flood insurance and mitigation efforts

Consumer flood risk awareness is growing and it’s only a matter of time before your residents demand action.  This trend will continue, bringing your local floodplain ordinances to the forefront for your residents.  Take the time now to make real, effective changes in your to strengthen your community and keep pace with the growing focus on flood risk.

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